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The menstrual cup that helps you be PROTECTED

The menstrual cup that helps you be FREE

environment The menstrual cup that helps you love the ENVIRONMENT

Be Protected

Menstruation is a natural and beautiful thing that happens every month.
But we understand that it can cause you frustration, pain, and even leaks. That’s why we are here!
To help you be protected on those delicate days, but also take care of your body and your vagina.
To help you embrace this normal thing carefree, happily.


Be Free

Your period shouldn’t be in your way when you want to work out, hike, or go to the beach.
And nobody should experience leaks on a white short skirt, right? That’s why we created Femme menstrual cup.
So you can fully live your life with no fear, no constraints, and no regrets. Experience the freedom of moving, of not having to change your pad every 3-4 hours, and of wearing whatever you like!


Love The Environment

We all know that pollution is threatening our every day lives and the very planet we live on. And no Earth = no life.
While pads and tampons are disposable and are causing a lot of pollution, the menstrual cup is the most environmentally friendly period product which helps you not only take care of your body but also protect the Earth.


We invite you to join us in this journey of showing love to the Earth and in making periods easy, fun, but also sustainable!

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